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GFAI Scholarship Opportunities

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Finding people with the skills and talent necessary to lead the way into the future continues to be increasingly difficult. The Grain and Feed Association of Illinois (GFAI) recognizes the need to support students seeking higher education and appreciates the fact that having motivated youth dedicated to agriculture is vital to the success of the industry.

It is because of this need to foster success that GFAI offers two different scholarship opportunities to Illinois youth. Applicants must be residents of Illinois, be enrolled at a University or Junior College within Illinois and have a sincere interest in the grain and feed industry - not production agriculture. These scholarships will not affect financial aid. The two types of scholarship available are:

1. Industry Immersion Scholarship Program
The Industry Immersion Program is a scholarship awarded to students interested in pursuing a career in the grain and feed industry. The additional bonus is the opportunity to work at an elevator for 1 day a month for 8 months as well as attend a Leadership Seminar during the summer. The amount of the scholarships is determined on an annual basis and may vary each year, but is anticipated to be $4,500 for University and Junior College applicants. 

Industry Immersion Scholarship Form

2. Monetary Scholarship Program
The amount of the scholarships is determined on an annual basis and may vary each year, but is expected to be $3,000 for University and $2,000 for Junior College applicants.
Monetary Scholarship Application

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