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2014 Annual Convention and Trade Show - February 16-18, 2014

Springfield, IL

Download Exhibitor Packet
Participant Packet
BREAKOUT - Bin Inspections and facility Insurability Part 1
BREAKOUT - Bin Inspections and Facility Insurability Part 2
BREAKOUT - Transportation, Truck
BREAKOUT - Long Term Storage, How to Maintain Quality
BREAKOUT - Alternative Merchandising Strategies, Part 1
Pop Top - Baby It's Cold Outside, Energy Update
TUESDAY - Sustainability, Part 1
TUESDAY - Sustainability, Part 2
TUESDAY - Sustainability, Part 3
TUESDAY - Sustainability, Part 4
TUESDAY - Sustainability, Part 5
BREAKOUT - Transportation, Barge/Rail, Part 1
BREAKOUT - Transportation, Barge/Rail, Part 2
BREAKOUT - Transportation, Barge/Rail, Part 3
BREAKOUT - Transportation, Barge/Rail, Part 4
Registrant List
Schedule At A Glance
Trade Show Floor Plan -- Sold Out
Exhibitor List
Perten 5200A Auction Item
GAC 2500-UGMA Auction Item

If you have any questions on these links or other event realted items, please email jbrooks@gfai.org.

2016 Annual Grain and Feed Association of Illinois Convention and Trade Show
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